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Shall we, like, sue Epson?

OK, I was about to print a label when my dad's printer fouled up; he installed a third-party CIS system, but dismantled it because it (the tubing to be exact) pwned the printer's mechanism, and there are times that some colours don't show up on hard copy. And so my dad bought some original (as in genuine, not third party) ink carts, slapped it in, and did a few copies. It turned out well at first, but when I'm about to print a label, the driver warned me to replace my yellow ink tank, even if you can still print with the other three cartridges. It seems that their razor-and-blades tactic at selling things turns out to be somewhat morbid and aggressive, forcing the unwary user to buy stuff even if he already has one; sure, the efforts made by the CIS industry at decrypting the smart chips might seem warez, but Epson's doing it at the cost of practically forcing consumers to buy a replacement ink tank (colored, by the way) just to print a black-and-white document... C