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Red, black and loud...

Hmm, I know I should've paid it with my own money, but my dad bought me a new phone when we and my mum went to church and took a stroll during Independence day. The phone's a Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, which was the Finnish electronics firm's way of pissing off Sony Ericsson and its ubiquitous Walkman line. The phone's a 3G/HSDPA-capable handset, with media playback capabilities of course, although the latter features were its selling point, for those teens and twenty-somethings who can't get enough of their fave tunes, yet aren't willing to shell green for an iPod or iPhone. It looks just fine on the cosmetic side, although the rewind/FF/play keys are a little wobbly, and the USB jack cover is a little too awkward to pop out - those who frequently plug their device to a PC or a USB-capable audio player may end up breaking the flap over time. It boasts a dedicated DSP chip for a more epic sound experience, much like the decoder used in the original N-G

Funny but true: Rockstar Games' thoughts on social networking

I find this spoof website of theirs entitled MyRoom, from Grand Theft Auto IV, quite funny. The fact that they poke fun at our society is, is what makes me play GTA often. I often find Jack Thompson and his followers' opinions about the series as rather bollocks; sure, they have a point regarding the apparent risks of underage kids playing violent videogames, but the fact that school shootings are merely exaggerated by yellow journalists such as Faux, er, Fox News, and overzealous bigots cash in on the GTA craze, made me think that they're getting too far, although I do cite Hot Coffee as purely R*'s fault, since they unwittingly left the offending code, and ended up wasting a large sum of money just to fix the mess they made. OK, enough yada-yada, here's a witty excerpt from, which as you may notice while playing the game, is a thinly veiled parody of MySpace. I'm sure this one applies to them teeny-boppers and newbies to the internets out there: Tips fo