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The hypocrisy of some sure is appalling.

The Filipino mainstream sure aren't the only ones known for ad-hominems and brash mud-slinging. I may not be close friends with the Chrisman couple, i.e. Sarah and Gabriel, but I can somehow relate to how people with dissenting views are being put down by the status quo. Sure enough, they have some points as to how the Victorian era isn't the best time period ever, but as some would rebut, is the present any ideal either? And while the couple's hobby of theirs may sound like serious business , what's with all the fuss and arguments against them? They may have made a mistake or two along the way, but it isn't in their goals to get in any person's way or be like those swag/yolo/whatever freaks who care more about superficiality and childish hedonism. Free speech sure is a double-edged sword, as they say. You'd rally for stuff like LGBT rights and whatnot, and yet when it comes to stuff like what Sarah and her husband happily does, or in my case, adul