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Au revoir, comrade...

I guess Niko Bellic of Grand Theft Auto IV was right, life is complicated. There are times that people stab you in the back, some nasty things happen, or one of your best buddies leave for a reason. Like in the case of a friend of mine named Janry. He is indeed a respectable young man, a good friend to me and my cousin, and a talented person. He is a little strict sometimes, but he has a real sense of humor and laughs when I show something funny for the lulz. And his leadership skills are something that's worth mentioning, too; he's currently a member of the local youth council in his neighbourhood. But it's sad to say that he had to leave us for good, since he enrolled in a maritime academy, so as to fulfill his promise to his family. He won't be able to connect to the internets or at least have a shot at communicating at us, but at least he did something that we can all be proud of, right? Well, good luck, comrade, GOD Bless, and aim high... Blessings, Huck