Funny but true: Rockstar Games' thoughts on social networking

I find this spoof website of theirs entitled MyRoom, from Grand Theft Auto IV, quite funny. The fact that they poke fun at our society is, is what makes me play GTA often.

I often find Jack Thompson and his followers' opinions about the series as rather bollocks; sure, they have a point regarding the apparent risks of underage kids playing violent videogames, but the fact that school shootings are merely exaggerated by yellow journalists such as Faux, er, Fox News, and overzealous bigots cash in on the GTA craze, made me think that they're getting too far, although I do cite Hot Coffee as purely R*'s fault, since they unwittingly left the offending code, and ended up wasting a large sum of money just to fix the mess they made.

OK, enough yada-yada, here's a witty excerpt from, which as you may notice while playing the game, is a thinly veiled parody of MySpace. I'm sure this one applies to them teeny-boppers and newbies to the internets out there:

Tips for creating the perfect social networking page:
  • Express yourself with a garish multicolored background. Your page should be as ugly and distracting as possible. Make it look like a peacock ate a crayon box and crap on the internet.
  • Use a font color that is as similar to the background color as possible. The idea is that people should feel physically nauseated after reading a couple of sentences.
  • Cover the page with seizure-inducing glitter graphics.
  • Post pictures of celebrities and that you have found on the internet. [insert social networking site] positively encourages mass-copyright infringement.
  • Set up embedded music files that launch at maximum volume as soon as somebody clicks on your page. Include ones with lots of profanity.
  • Write crappy poetry and add some cheesy quotations like "live each day as if it were your last".
  • Make identity theft easy by listing every single piece of personal information you can think of, including birthday, address, phone number, mother's maiden name, first pet's name and social security number. Then wonder why a creepy man is shooting loads on your bedroom window.
  • Write down every last detail of your sordid little existence so that future employers have a full history of your sexual promiscuity and drug use.
  • Remember to spend every spare minute tweaking your profile. You are SO important!


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