Modded demo ROM for LeapFrog Epic (MT8127)

 ...or as what I call it, KermitMod. :P

My previous post about the Epic was quite a mouthful, but here's a link to the edited ROM for ex-demo units to be converted to retail. I basically had to edit the demo firmware to work around the issue of the bootloader being locked, preventing ROM backups from other Epics to be flashed through normal means.!cuhHFYTC!GC6wU1MxDybNX_tU50aMpHbFnb3TjAh5dVaWn_cNj8Y

As what I wrote earlier, this ROM has to be flashed using a feature tucked away in SP Flash Tool, i.e. Write Memory. You can't flash this as you would with any MediaTek device, as it would give out an authentication error. A bonus feature I added for this is support for Google Play services, allowing owners of ex-demo units to download content off Google Play Store like YouTube Kids and whatnot.


Let me know if you run into problems with this ROM - I know, the instructions I wrote were a little unclear, but I'll get into that as soon as I can. ;)

Special thanks to RAMCHYLD, Molly McIntire, is0-mick, NepoRood, StarbuxMcCloud, Amy Bray, Shannon Kloppenburg and all the others who helped out and made this feat possible.


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